Solid Shade Cover

Solid Shade Cover w/
Santa Fe Package Upgrade and Permacast Columns

Combination Solid/Lattice
Shade Cover

WeatherStopper Plus™ Solid Shade Cover

Features and Benefits

WeatherStopper Plus™ is an affordable insulated aluminum roof panel that is as attractive as it is functional. Deep driftwood embossing offers the look of handsomely painted wood. Yet unlike wood, WeatherStopper Plus™ requires virtually no maintenance. The three-step baked-on enamel finish is tough, durable, and attractive, so even after years of exposure, it will look great.

Thermal Protection
Don't let WeatherStopper Plus' good looks deceive you; its beauty is more than skin deep. The expanded polystyrene core has the equivalent insulation value of 10 inches of hardwood or 48 inches of brick! That makes it an ideal roof for patio enclosures and screen rooms - to insulate against heat and cold, and to block noise.

In hot climates especially, WeatherStopper Plus™ is an ideal choice for carports and patio covers; the highly reflective top surface deflects heat while the insulated core prevents heat from being conducted to the bottom surface. As a result, air underneath is cooler.

Strength & Durability
Inside and out, WeatherStopper Plus™ is built to last. The moisture and mildew-resistant core is factory-bonded between two low maintenance aluminum skins.

Panel Lock

Panel locks produce clean seams and require no fasteners, which means no unsightly screws. The interlocking foam increases insulation by minimizing gaps that allow air penetration.

Gutter System

As for external gutters, nothing is sturdier or handles more rain that the heavy gauge, extruded one-piece double-catch gutter system. And to accommodate ceiling fans, WeatherStopper Plus™ panels are available with sturdy hidden fan beams.